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The following Links are to pages dedicated to the Member Training for that area. The files on those pages are converted to the Acrobat pdf format. You will need Acrobat reader or the full Acrobat program to open the files.

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Boat Crew Training Page

VE Training Page

Navigation Training Page

Coxswain Training Page

The Auxiliary MT requirements established in section 8.E. of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1 series) are now in effect. CLICK the link to the Aux Learning Management System to take the courses :

Auxiliary Learning Management System

The seven BQ II course modules are not currently available via the AUXLMS. They can be taken via the Auxiliary Online Classroom

The Auxiliary Training Directorate Mandated Training portal ( addresses options for completing the seven non-ICS AUXCT training courses.

The Auxiliary Knowledgebase (AUXKB) will be filled with a comprehensive listing of AUXLMS Q&As by February 1, 2013. The AUXKB can be found at: Once there, click on "Knowledgebase" link at the top of the site, then the "AUXLMS" link, and type your query.

Additionally, the two ICS AUXCT training courses can be accessed via the ICS course link on the Auxiliary National Testing Center site ( ) as well as directly at the FEMA training web site ( ).

Welcome to the Islip Flotilla 1-3 Member's Deck - Member Training Page

7029 - Member Activity Sheet - Reference Guide

Safe Boating Information

New Weather Specialty Course (AUXWEA)

The new course eliminates unnecessary complications from the description of weather phenomenon, and adds modern terminology and concepts to the class. In addition, there is a new a chapter that discusses weather from the coxswain’s perspective.

The NTC exams can be found by clicking here

Both sites require a login with member ID and password.

Below is the link to the training videos on the National website for members to view the eight (8) MT courses.

Mandated Training - Self Certification Video

Members can self certify and get credit for completing the courses by reading the course slides (link provided above) and completing the self attestation form (Link below).

Self Certification Link

The self attestation form shall be submitted to the FSO-IS who will enter the information into AUXDATA.

Two ICS courses (IS-100 and IS-700) are also mandated for all members to
complete and these classes must be completed online from the FEMA website.

Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS)

The Coast Guard is committed to supporting the Coast Guard Auxiliary by providing training materials, courses, and tools to impart the skills and knowledge needed to achieve mission excellence. As part of this commitment, the Coast Guard has launched an enterprise-wide Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) to automate the delivery and, in turn, improve the efficiency of training processes for Auxiliarists.

The AUXLMS provides the flexibility for Auxiliarists to access training material anywhere and anytime on a personal computer. With AUXLMS, you can fulfill your Auxiliary MT requirements from the comfort of your home.

Among other courses, ICS-210 is now available online through the AUXLMS (use course code 502325). With this availability, as of 18 January 2013, ICS 210 will no longer be offered as a classroom course in 1SR.

Successful course completion is automatically recorded in AUXDATA without manual intervention of an Information Services (IS) staff officer. Data uploads from the AUXLMS to AUXDATA occur on a weekly basis each Monday.

Accessing AUXLMS and Password Set-up - click here for instructions:


This should make ICS 210 available to every member and all members are encouraged to take the course.

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